For Hanukkah

Spirit of Giving Hanukkiah:  7" tall x 10" wide.  a)  all glazed as above or b) white textured coating with glazed circles as on right.

Celebrate with the gift of giving.  eight circles corresponding with the eight days of Hanukkah ask you to feed the hungry, house the homeless, clothe the needy, visit the sick, protect the planet, care for your body, care for you spirit, and expand minds.  In Hebrew:  Not by strength, nor by power, but by My spirit. 

Price $395





Spirit Hanukkiah:  9" tall x 10" wide.

With a Chasid, Russian, Ethiopian, and other Jew.  In Hebrew:  Not by strength, nor by power, but by My spirit.  Price $250


Noah's Ark Hanukkiah 7" tall x 10" wide.  All different.  Pairs of animals with Noah and his wife.  Price $250

Dove Hanukkiah: 10" Platter hanukkiah with dove graphic. Brass candle holders are attached to the platter. A built in hanger on the back provides use as a year long wall decoration. Price $85.00




Children Playing Draydel Hanukkiah: 9" tall x 10" wide. With a boy and girl playing the draydel game. The letters on the draydel are cut from the back plate. Everyone is different. Order with a boy and girl for $250.00. Order with your children for $250.00 with two figures. Add $20.00 for each additional figure.



Hanukkah Plate: 12" diameter with attached covered bowl. Decorated with draydels and Hanukkah menorahs. Use with latkes and applesauce, sufganiyot and dip, dried fruits and nuts or any other holiday favorites. In Hebrew, Nes, Gadol, Haya, Sham. Price $105.00




Draydel Games: The figure in the center is the draydel. The removable figure spins on a brass rod that is concealed within. The base has an arrow, sometimes disguised as a tail, that points to the winning letter. Clockwise from the top left: Judah Maccabee $85.00, boy (or girl) with props $85.00, Chassid $65.00, girl $65.00, boy $65.00. Add $20.00 for custom pieces. Not available to wholesale customers.



Oil Lamp Hanukkah Set: 12" diameter plate, 6" bowl. Nes, Gadol, Haya, Sham in Hebrew. With oil lamp and olive graphic. For latkes or other holiday foods. Price $100.00 for the set