Balancing Act Chess Set By Irene Helitzer 

Limited Edition with no two the same.

Relaxed time is on one side.  The harried work week on the other.

Harried Players:  Working man as King, Working woman as Queen, School children as Bishops, Buses as Knights, Traffic symbols (orange barrels etc.) as Rooks.  Pawns are symbols of the pressured week:  credit cards, ATM machines, alarm clocks, fast food, pills, computers, cell phones, gasoline or similar.

Relaxed Players:  King playing tennis, Queen playing tennis, Children playing tennis as Bishops, Hiking Boots as Knights, Camping Tents as Rooks.  Pawns are symbols of  leisure activities and family time:  books, home cooked food, music, theater, dance, sporting activities and such.

The Board:  Under a spotlight, in the center of this tile Chess Board, a man and woman ride on a bicycle.  They are traversing a balance beam that is raised on bricks that are labeled with items that cause us worry on one side, and items relating to family time and leisure on the other side.  The woman holds a pole for balance.  A brief case hangs on  one side of the pole,  and golf clubs hang  on the other.   The clocks advance an hour in each dark square to remind us that time is passing.

*These custom made chess sets comes with an acrylic lid that protects the pieces when not in use.

18X18X6 with lid