The Passover Chess Set arrives after twenty years of creating whimsical and meaningful pieces for the Passover Seder. Irene has won national awards, including the Niche 2002 Award Winner in Judaica for her highly original and instructive Puzzle Seder Plate with six removable pieces that self describe their function. Her Frog Plague Dishes have added warmth and humor to seder tables throughout the United States and Canada. Currently making over thirty-five different ceremonial pieces for the seder, this Passover Chess Set gilds the lily.

This Chess set is a Limited Edition, no two are identical! The board is laid out with Egyptians on one side and the Israelites on the other. The tile Chess Board is a large aerial view of Mitzraim, the divided sea, and the wilderness. A cloud and Miriam's well are in the sky. The colored squares are marked with symbols of slavery, bricks, in Mitzraim and matzoh in the wilderness. The tiled sides portray the story of the Exodus.

Egyptian Players: Pharaoh as King, Queen, Overseers as Bishops, Cats as Knights, Pyramids as Castles. Egyptian Deities and Golden Calf as Pawns.

Israelite Players: Israel People as King, Moses as Queen (the Queen is the most active player), Aaron and Miriam as Bishops, Lambs as Knights, Succah Huts as Castles. The Ten Plagues are the Pawns.

*The Chess Set comes with a Plexiglas lid that protects the pieces when not in use. 18"X18"X9" with lid. Price: $3000.00