If I were only to make pottery for the Passover Seder, Dayenu, that would be enough! There is no other holiday that inspires creative new pieces more than Passover. I have created over thirty-five pieces for this eight day period, and the list keeps growing. Themes of slavery to freedom, peace and harmony, continue to inspire new work.

Puzzle Seder Plate: Award winning seder plate. When the six ceramic tiles are placed in the correct order on the hardwood tray, a divided sea background is revealed. Each tile describes the function of the food that is to be placed upon it. For example, the Passover offering, the shank bone goes on an alter. In Hebrew and English are the words It is for the Eternal. 9 1/2"x15"

Price: $375.00



  *New:   From a Narrow Place...:  Seder plate, with six bowls (not shown)  In English  From a narrow place to unlimited possibilities.  In the center is a graphic of Mitzraim, the divided sea, the wilderness and Israel.  Names of foods in Hebrew are on the perimeter with graphics that match the ones on  the small bowls.  13" dia.

Price:  $210.00

*New:  Puzzle Seder Plates with Frogs:  As above, but with frogs.  This plate is creature friendly, often favored by vegans (notice the frog in sheep's clothing).

Price:  $375.00



*New:  Green Matzoh Container:   The ultimate inclusive Matzoh Containers.  As above, with all characters shown as frogs.  Deep down we are all the same and inhabiting the same earth as God's  other creatures.  Price:  $350


*New:  Frog Salt and Pepper Shakers:  These sure to please shakers are are slightly different.  The stoppers are at the bottom. 

Price:  $65 for the pair




Green Matzoh Container:  View 2


*New:  Rejoice Teapot:  "Rejoice in the waters of your salvation"  in Hebrew.  As you enjoy the blessings of the water from Miriam's well, reflect on the many blessings you have been given in your life.  8" tall Price:  $85



Rejoice Teapot:  Side 2


*New:  Green Kiddush Cup:  5"-6" goblet with frog coming through the divided sea.  Part of series of new Green Passover Pieces.  Price $65



*New:  Child's Washing Cup:  3.5" tall,  Smaller than the adult version.  This cup has a 3-D frog inside.  Bowl available on request.

Price:  $55 cup ($95 with bowl)



Passover Wine Stoppers: Left two stoppers with wine and matzoh, with frog, $50 for the pair (see Shabbat section for info. on other stoppers)





For Elijah Left to Right: 

ELJN: Noggin $32; ELJF: Looking at you, $45; ELJDS: at the door on attached saucer $50; ELJC: cup on chair, $65; ELJD1: Original Elijah at the door goblet, $65


For Miriam:  Left to Right:

MIRS: 5" Goblet with Skirted Base, $45, MIRN: Noggin 4"  with matzoh feet, graphic of divided sea, the well and the tambourine, $32; MIRPMiriam's Well Pitcher, 7" with Miriam as the handle, $85; MIR1: Original Miriam's Cup 6"with Miriam at the divided sea with her tambourine, $65.


Contemporary Woman Slave Maror Container WSM, woman scrubbing with brush, feather and spoon, pail as maror container, on 4" tile,$55; For The Orange, 3"-4", in Heb. with the women,$32; Israelite Slave Maror Cont. 4" with head poking out the front and feet at the back, 3 pc. covered pot with spoon, bricks as knob and handle, $45.

Harmony Matzoh Container: Six Jews, four modern (Orthodox, secular, Russian and Ethiopian) and two ancient (Miriam and Moses,) sit in harmony holding the Passover foods in their hands. The words to the song Hiney Mah Tov are written in Hebrew. It will hold an entire box of matzoh. Price: $350.00



Two views of the Matzoh Container.

Divided Salt Water Bowl DSW:

With Israelites and lamb, In Hebrew, and divided the sea for us, and brought us through dry shod. 6"x6"x8"  Use with salt water on both sides or parsley on one side and salt water on the other. Price: $125.00


The Ten Plagues: Set of ten charming 4" dishes to catch the drop of wine as each of the plagues are recalled. Guaranteed to stimulate conversation. Can be used many ways. We like to spread them around the table to be found by the guests at the appropriate time, or to assign each piece as a discussion topic. No two sets or beasts are ever alike. This is the newest edition to the Passover series. Priced at $275.00 for the set of ten. Individual pieces are available at $32.00 each.

The Ten Plagues napkin holders:  $20 Each,  $175 for all ten.


Washing Set (with frog inside the cup): Price: $100.00



Also available: Vase Centerpiece with Frogs and Locusts. Price $135.00 Frog Napkin Holder. Price $20.00 each Individual Salt Water Bowl (with clay tears, parsley and egg.) Price. $32.00 each Maror Container (with Israelite slave at base.) Price$45.00