Challah Board and Knife Set: 9 1/2" x 14" solid hardwood frames with six attached tiles you can cut on. The tiles are decorated in two styles, both with the blessing for bread, in Hebrew, surrounding a table set for Shabbat. The stainless steel knife blade is imported from England. When not being used, the knife fits into a built-in holder on the back of the board. Choose neutral, medium or dark wood finish. Price $240.00 with knife Order #1. With grape vine decoration or #2. With the Seven Varieties.  #3 With huppah and seven varieties in flower bouquets (not Shown)



Challah Plate: 10 1/2"-11" diameter with attached container for salt resting on an alter. In Hebrew and English, With all your offerings, offer salt. Leviticus 11 ch. 13 Pass this plate around the table to your guests with cut, or torn pieces of challah, and salt. Price $75.00

Salt Tile: 4 1/4" tile. Similar to the plate. Just for the salt. For those who pass the entire bread around the table. Price $45.00



Shabbat Set with Spiral Base: Candleholders are 5" tall. Kiddush Cup with fruit of the vine in Hebrew is 6" tall. Price $85.00 for pair of candleholders, $50.00 for the kiddush cup, $135.00 for the set.


Wine Stoppers :  All six for $135 or in pairs at $50

Child's Kiddush Cups:  3" cups with "yeled tov" (good boy) and "Yaldah tovah" (good girl) in Hebrew.  Child's face and bunch of grapes.  Can be ordered with a name and matched hair color.  Price ea. $38


Child's Washing Cup:  small 3" cup with fish inside and fish decorations.  Price $55

Shabbat Set with Altered Bases: The wheel thrown bases of these pieces have been hand altered. Shabbat characters including a kiddush cup, candles, two challot, one male and one female face, have been attached. The cup is inscribed with fruit of the vine, in Hebrew. Price $95.00 for the pair of candleholders, $70.00 for the cup, $165.00 for the set.



Shabbat Bride Bell: Let the Shabbat Bride call your family together to light the candles and begin the celebration of shabbat. Price  $50 Each


1                          2

Havdallah Sets: 1.  This new simplified set is very affordable at $110.  Plate is 8" in diameter.  (Pieces may be purchased without the plate for $75)

                                2.   Five piece set with a grape vine decoration. The plates are 10" in diameter and inscribed with Have a good and blessed week in Hebrew. Choose from three spice boxes, lion of Judah, tower, or bride and groom. The cup is 6" tall. The remaining pieces are the candle holder and a small shallow bowl to hold the wine when you put out the flame in the candle. Price $150.00 for set.



Shabbat Teapot: 9"-10" tall with Shabbat graphic and the Shabbat Bride as a knob on top. Fully functional, with a built in tea strainer. In Hebrew, Shabbat and Yom Tov. Price $225




Cholent Pot: This three quart casserole bakes in a conventional or microwave oven. It cooks and cleans very well. Comes with cookbook Come for Cholent Again by Kay Pomerantz. (Not to be placed directly on a burner) Price $135


Family Shabbat Teapot: Similar to Shabbat Teapot with your family decorating the pot.  Price $250   



Tzedakah Boxes: 5" globe banks have stoppers at the base. Clockwise from top left: torah, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, baby, lion of Judah, fruit basket. Also avail. with giraffe.
symbols of shabbat. Price $65-$85(custom orders taken)


* Ask about the many other items available for Shabbat! Washing Sets, Yads, Challah Board for the Bride and Groom, Custom Tzedakah Boxes, Kiddush Cups for Children and Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Melava Malka Teapots, Bensher Boxes, trivets