For Health and Well Being


 Healing Amulets

The Healing Amulets were created in response to the need for something tangible that would convey a message of love and hope in difficult times.  The amulet is a small, dove shaped hamsa with Mi Shebeyrach, to the one who blesses us, written in Hebrew.  They are made one at a time in stoneware clay, measure one and one quarter inches, and fit comfortably in the palm of a hand.   A red bendel is attached so the hamsa can be hung. 


Chaplains, Rabbis, prayer circles or friends can choose to sign their names or write a message on the smooth, unglazed back surface of the amulet (I recommend a fine line Sharpie pen).  The amulets stay with a person in the hospital. In tough moments, connecting with a loved one is as easy and immediate as reaching into a pocket.   Once home, the amulet is a continued reminder of a loving community that was there in a time of need.


The response to these little dove, shaped hamsas has been overwhelming.  When I first made them, I never guessed the power they would have.  People have told me that the hamsa not only stayed close in the hospital but continues to work its magic by spreading the warm feeling you get when you know you are needed and loved.

Priced at $10 each or in quantities of 20 for $100

In Hebrew, Refuah Shlema, means health and well being. With a guardian angel standing watch, these meaningful get well gifts will give comfort to the recipient long after their recovery.

OSAS:  Chicken (or other) Soup Bowl with a guardian angel on the rim: Price $40

OSAM:  Mug with a guardian angel on the handle: Price $45

OSAB:  The Health and Well-Being Bell will alert your personal angels:  In English and Hebrew Calling all guardian angels for refuah shlema.  Price $45

Drawn Angel Get Well Pieces:

DAS:  Soup Bowl with Refuah Shlema written in Hebrew on outside:  $36

DAJ:  Juice Cup with Refuah Shlema in Hebrew on back:  $24

DAN:  Noggin with Refuah Shlema:  $32

DAB:  Not shown.  Bell:  $36


Red Ribbon (Bendel) Get Well Pieces:    Not just a ribbon or string, it is a red bendel (wristlet) that has been blessed by Rachel at her tomb at Machpela and it will ward off evil and restore health.  It comes with wishes for health and well being, for every day or for a speedy recovery.

RRJ:  Juice:   $24

RRS:  Soup:   $30

RRN:  Noggin:  $28                 



Miriam's Cup/ Rosh Hodesh Set:  A spiritual piece for the women.

It is a  mikvah, a well, a tambourine.  Use it as a base for your Miriam's cup or use with the candle on rosh hodesh.  This piece may be custom ordered with the important women in your life.  Price $110 for entire set.  Additional cost when custom made.