textShabbat Chess Set by Irene Helitzer

Limited Edition with no two the same.

Shabbat peace on one side. The work day week on the other.

Shabbat Players: Torah as King, Shabbat Bride as Queen, Candles (Shemor and Zachor) as Bishops, Angels of peace and rest as Knights, peace to the homes throughout the world as Rooks. The Pawns are symbols of Shabbat: challah, wine, pillows, tzedakah box, cholent pot, fish, roast chicken and the Siddur.

Weekday Players: Working man as King, Working Woman as Queen, Boy and Girl with backpacks holding school related items as Bishops, SUVs as Knights, ATM machines as Rooks. The Pawns are symbols of the work week: credit cards, telephones, fast food, exercise equipment, computers, Television, traffic signs, and shopping carts

The Board: The tile chess board is an aerial view of a page from a weekly desk calendar. Shabbat is placed in a circle in the center. This circle is superimposed on top of the six other week days. An image of a table set for Shabbat fills this central space. Surrounding Shabbat is a ring of night with symbols of havdalah. This separates Shabbat from the rest of the week The dark squares are delineated by small brown briefcases in the work week and stars in Shabbat.

*The Chess Set comes with a lucite lid that protects the pieces when not in use.
18"X18"X6" with lid